North Port is Achieving Green


Welcome to the City of North Port’s Achieving Green page! This is where you can learn more about how the City of North Port is becoming more energy-efficient and achieving long-term cost savings, all while maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship and preservation. 

Every North Port resident, business owner and City employee has a stake in the success of North Port’s many green and sustainability initiatives. We invite you to check these pages often to see how we’re doing as a community and as a City government.

North Port City government is showing its commitment to sustainability in many ways, including the nearly 80 individual initiatives achieved as part of the City’s Florida Green Local Government certification initiative and the Fire Rescue District's ongoing project to make all of our fire stations as green and energy-efficient as possible.

For more information about the City's green achievements, contact Community Outreach Manager Erin Bryce at (941) 429-7165 or

North Port Florida Green Local Government