Car Pooling


carCarpooling is a simple yet effective way that you can help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change, save money, and reduce congestion on the roads.

The City of North Port encourages car pooling.

We hope you find this information a good way to commute or travel inexpensively, “make a difference” in our environment and maybe even make a few new friends.

About Car Pooling and Ride-Sharing:

Commuter Services can help anyone who is interested in ride-sharing to save money and reduce stress.

In fact, on July 21, 2010, the City of North Port began a partnership with Commuter Services of Florida to establish a plan for helping City employees find alternative ways to commute to work.

Sharing a ride also means less wear and tear on your personal vehicle, reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, and even improving traffic conditions.

Find a Ride with Ez-Ride

One of the primary services provided by Commuter Services is online computerized ride-matching. This service helps you identify potential carpoolers and vanpoolers with whom you can share your daily commute.

To get started, create a new account, and receive an instant Ez-Ride matchlist, click here to visit the Ez-Ride Registration Page. The Registration Page will also allow you to change your information if you already have an account.

Please supply all requested information so that Commuter Services can locate your best possible matches.

About Commuter Services

Commuter Services Contact Information:

Commuter Services
801 N. Broadway
Bartow, Florida 33831
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Launched in 2007, Commuter Services is a program of the Florida Department of Transportation, serving travelers who live or work in the 12-county region of Southwest Florida. Commuter Services works with businesses to help their employees find a better way to get to work than driving by themselves.

Commuter Services also works with local governments and transportation partners to help build better communities that offer a wider range of transportation choices - like bicycling and walking, and better accessibility for carpools, vanpools, or transit services. Commuter Services provide employers with a turnkey solution, including program development, on-site events, marketing tools, and incentive programs.