Comprehensive Plan

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A Comprehensive Plan is a tool used for planning the future growth of a local community. The Comprehensive Plan can also be used to address the constant change and evolution in a community. The goals are long-range and are a vision of the community. The objectives and policies in the Comprehensive Plan direct and prioritize the actions necessary to progress towards achieving these goals.

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 Cover Page, Acknowledgements & Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

Planning Framework

Community Concept Map

Chapter 2: Future Land Use

Future Land Use Element Text

Future Lad Use Element Goals, Objectives & Policies

Future Land Use Maps

Map 2-7: Future Land Use

Chapter 3: Transportation

Transportation Element Text

Transportation Goals, Objectives & Policies

Transportation Maps

Chapter 4: Utilities (contains four sub-elements)

Potable Water:

Potable Water Text

Potable Water Goals, Objectives & Policies

Potable Water Maps

Sanitary Sewer:

Sanitary Sewer Text

Sanitary Sewer Goals, Objectives & Policies

Sanitary Sewer Maps

Solid Waste:

Solid Waste Text

Solid Waste Goals, Objectives & Policies

Stormwater Management:

Stormwater Text

Stormwater Goals, Objectives & Policies

Stormwater Maps

Chapter 5: Conservation and Coastal Zone

Conservation and Coastal Zone Text

Conservation and Coastal Zone Goals, Objectives & Policies

Conservation and Coastal Zone Maps Part 1

Conservation and Coastal Zone Maps Part 2

Conservation and Coastal Zone Maps Part 3

Chapter 6: Recreation and Open Space

Recreation and Open Space Text

Recreation and Open Space Goals, Objectives & Policies

Recreation and Open Space Maps

Chapter 7: Intergovernmental Coordination

Intergovernmental Coordination Text

Intergovernmental Coordination Goals, Objectives & Policies

Chapter 8: Housing

Housing Text

Housing Goals, Objectives & Policies

Chapter 9: Public School Facilities

Public School Facilities Text

Public School Facilities Goals, Objectives & Policies

Chapter 10: Capital Improvements

Capital Improvements Text

Capital Improvements Goals, Objectives & Policies

Capital Improvement Maps

 Chapter 11: Economic Development