Planning & Zoning Division

PurposeTo advance the community's vision.

Planning Services
The planning function is divided into two areas:

Tactical Planning is concerned with review and permitting of proposed commercial and residential development within the regulatory framework of the City of North Port Land Development Code and zoning regulations.

Strategic Planning
is concerned with the updating and maintenance of the North Port Comprehensive Plan and Unified Land Development Code. This includes reviews of regional development proposals; developing master plans; and analyzing other long-range planning issues such as demographics, housing, transportation, and environmental issues.

Citizen input is essential in planning for the community's future. The division works with local associations, and citizens and advisory board members on a regular basis. Planning staff also acts as liaison to various regional planning authorities.

To see what current development is taking place in North Port, click here.

For public meetings of our Planning and Zoning Advisory Board, a complete schedule can be found here.

For public meetings of our Zoning Board of Appeals, a complete schedule can be found here.


The Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization includes North Port and 10 other Jurisdictions spread over the two counties and makes decisions about long-term transportation planning and coordination between all the communities in the area.  Part of making these plans is asking the people of our communities for their current concerns and future hopes for transportation in the area, and the MPO is looking for your input on the best way to get your participation! 

To view the latest plan and see contact information for sending emails, making calls, or coming to a public meeting follow this link: Sarasota/Manatee MPO.