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Weekly Highlights: February 10, 2017

Post Date:02/10/2017 9:34 AM

Each week, the City's departments list their accomplishments and tasks. Here are the highlights for this week. For more information, contact the City Manager's Office at (941) 429-7077.


  • Staff is working on the final details of the Economic Development Summit that will be held at the Morgan Family Center of Thursday evening, February 16,2017 from 6-9 pm.  The Summit is designed to bring together local economic development organizations and the public to review and give input into the Economic Development Element of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Staff worked with two small businesses about their business plans and how the businesses can succeed in the City of North Port.
  • Staff is preparing for the taping of its next two shows of the “How North Port Grows” with Ruth and Randy that airs every Thursday at 5 pm on WKDW 97.5, North Port’s community radio station.
  • Staff is working with Dorothy Browning, Community Education Manager of the Goodwill Opportunity Center on the Micro Enterprise program about starting your own business.  New class will begin on Monday, April 3 and will meet twice weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings for six weeks.
  • Staff is working on two development issues involving tow corporate businesses as they are working to resolve issues about their buildings.
  • Attraction and recruitment activities include: 1) assisting the health care facility prospect, 2) assisting commercial realtors to use North Port InSIte; 3) refreshing the design of the City’s business recruitment postcard.


  • Accounts Payable processed 295 invoices and paid 90 vendors totaling $1,894,978.03 for goods and services provided to the City. 
  • Staff received 14 new travel requests and audited 7 that were complete.
  • The City received $984,070.92 in revenues from utility payments, Warm Mineral Springs, and other miscellaneous sources.
  • Staff processed 10 purchase orders and 7 visa requests.
  • Staff prepared daily bank deposits and cash reconciliations.
  • Staff completed the January bank reconciliation.
  • Staff submitted the January Commission reports.
  • Staff attended the Capital Improvement Projects monthly meeting.
  • Staff processed payroll for 549 employees.


  • North Port Fire Rescue responded to 143 incidents. These responses included one outside fire, one vehicle fire, and two residential fires, 112 EMS calls, two hazardous conditions, 12 service calls, nine good intent calls, and four false alarms.
  • Fire Rescue Administrative staff approved nine P-card transactions and processed 92 invoices totaling $28,187.15 for goods and services.
  • North Port residents called in three smoke detector service requests. Fire Rescue personnel checked 10 detectors and replaced 10 batteries.
  • Fire Rescue Administrative staff purchased $3,341.43 in EMS supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • Fire Rescue staff met with Information Technology staff on new initiatives for the FY2017-18 budget.
  • Fire Rescue staff attended the opening night of the Citizen Public Safety Academy for review of department operations.
  • Fire Rescue Paramedic preceptors and Fire Rescue Administration staff met with representatives from Suncoast Technical College (STC) to discuss policies and procedures for when SCT paramedic student’s complete ride rotations on department ambulances.
  • Fire Rescue Ambulance committee members and Fire Rescue Administration staff attended an ambulance pre-build meeting for the review of final specifications to be used during the completion of two ambulances scheduled for delivery in mid-2017.
  • Fire Rescue taught a CPR/AED/First Aid course to seven Parks & Recreation staff at the Morgan Center.
  • Fire Rescue taught CPR course renewals to EMT’s and paramedics.  This training will continue over the next couple of weeks at Station 81.
  • Fire Prevention conducted a reissue certificate of occupancy (RCO) for a new business in the Bobcat Village Center.
  • Fire Prevention conducted a hood suppression test and a certificate of completion inspection at a new restaurant on Toledo Blade.
  • Fire Prevention conducted a fire underground visual inspection, a hydrostatic test and a full bore flush at the Suncoast Technical College (STC) construction site.
  • Fire Prevention conducted a fire alarm inspection and a temporary certificate of occupancy inspection at Tuscola Commons.
  • Fire Prevention conducted an above ceiling inspection and a certificate of completion inspection at McDonalds.
  • Fire Prevention met with a family whose kids are interested in playing with fire tools.
  • Fire Prevention reviewed plans for future construction projects, special events, new construction, remodel construction, fire alarms, fire sprinkler, underground fire line and changes of occupancy.


  • Marketing & Communications worked on artwork for Funk Fest. The Department is promoting its sponsorship program to the Funk Fest audience in March.
  • Marketing & Communications met with a local media company to get an idea of the products and services that they offer.
  • Marketing & Communications worked on the promotional campaign for the North Port Community Night with the Charlotte Stone Crabs, which will take place on May 13, 2017.
  • Marketing & Communications worked on social media analytics for December and January.
  • Marketing & Communications posted the City Manger’s Office’s Monthly Reports on the website.
  • Division managers met to discuss plans for an April event to recognize and honor volunteers who have helped make a difference in the Department’s many programs.
  • Marketing & Communications shadowed staff at the City’s Social Services Division to get a handle on how operations works. This is part of an overall orientation.
  • Marketing & Communications continues to work on an overall communications plan for the Division, including brand standard templates for memo, letterhead, business cards, and the like.
  • Parks & Recreation staff processed fifty-seven (57) Achieve Anything memberships consisting of ten (10) Annual memberships, twelve (12) one-month Memberships, eleven (11) Three-month memberships, and twenty-four (24) DFY memberships.
  • There were a total of 1,296 membership and daily/drop-in visits to the Morgan and Mullen Community Centers.
  • There were sixteen (16) facility rentals for a total of forty-seven (47) hours.
  • There was one (1) open space rental for a total of eight (8) hours.
  • There were three (3) pavilion rentals for a total of seven (7) hours.
  • There were two hundred eleven (211) visits to the Skate Park.
  • Parks & Recreation facilitated thirty-six (36) hours of community service at the Community Center facilities.
  • To date, the water bottle filling stations located at the Community Centers have reduced the number of plastic bottles potentially discarded as landfill waste in an amount equivalent to 53,962 water bottles.
  • Weekly programming included Basketball Group Training, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Tot Time, Martial Arts, Line Dance, Ballroom Dance & Social, Jazzercise, Zumba, Zumba Step, Pound, Volleyball, Soccer, and Yogarobics. Recreation Attendants provided instruction for Fit-Teen University, Adventure Time, Senior Fitness, Writer’s Workshop, Lunch Time Crunch, Make & Move, 5K Run Club, Intermediate Photography, Once Upon a Storytime, Fundamentals of TRX  and TRX Suspension Training.
  • “GMAC Summer Camp” registration began on 2/1/17 and there are currently 16 campers registered for various weeks of Summer Camp.
  • Parks & Recreation staff attended First Aid/CPR/AED training on 2/7.
  • Parks & Recreation staff will be conducting a “Tea Time” event for tots on 2/11 from 11am-12pm at the Mullen Center; “Rec on Wheels” at Blue Ridge Park on 2/15 from 3pm-5pm; “Brown Bag Lunch -Thrifty Landscaping” on 2/16 from 12pm-1pm at the Garden of Five Senses.
  • The GMAC Summer Camp Counselor in Training program will be accepting applications from students entering 9th-12th grade beginning 2/15.
  • Parks & Recreation is accepting registration for the upcoming “Community Yard Sale” on 2/18 at the City Center Green.
  • Athlete registration is in progress for the Cocoplum Paddle-a-thon and USCA National Championship being held on 3/4 and 3/5 at Dallas White Park.
  • Parks & Recreation is seeking artists and crafters for the “Arts on the Green” event  on 3/11.
  • Social Services provided the Family Service Center conference room for the United Way 211 VITA free tax services
  • Social Services collaborated with Healthy Start of Sarasota County to discuss the upcoming Community Baby Shower and Pre School Expo
  • Social Services completed 8 LIHEAP Screenings.
  • Social Services finalized 11 LIHEAP Applications.
  • Social Services completed 17 financial screenings.
  • Social Services referred 6 clients to other agencies for financial assistance.
  • Social Services completed 1 external financial application for NPU assistance.
  • Social Services had 37 information requests.
  • IT completed 52 Service orders.
  • IT provided technical support for two Commission meetings.
  • IT constructed a new training lab that provides greater accessibility to City staff.
  • GIS administrator completed seven ESRI ArcGIS certification courses.


  • Several Staff conducted Coffee with a Cop located at Starbucks.
  • NPPD Training Unit conducted CPR and First Aid training for department members.
  • Staff met with local colleges on holding classes within the police department for a Bachelor  degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Staff is conducting the Citizen Public Safety Academy (week 2) – 25 citizens in attendance, on Thursday evenings from 6 to 10pm, for 13 weeks to include graduation.
  • CHAT meeting held at NPPD training room.
  • Staff attended 800 Radio System Users meeting to provide an update on the new 800 MHz regional radio network project, discuss the development of network user policies, and outline the initial schedule for radio purchases and fleet map development.


  • A maintenance project  involving the construction of an asphalt flume beside the bridge on Cranberry Boulevard at the Snover Waterway  was completed to help with the flow of stormwater runoff.   
  • In an effort to eliminate pedestrian trip hazards a maintenance project involving weed eating and edging of vegetation on sidewalks was completed along unimproved lots on arterial and collector roadways. 
  • Completed Targee Avenue Retention Ditch rehabilitation to increase hydraulic function and reduce standing water in nearby residential swales after rain events.  Next phase is to sod and hydro-seed.
  • Started Cuthbert Avenue Retention Ditch rehabilitation to increase hydraulic function and reduce standing water in nearby residential swales after rain events. 
  • Started removal and replacement of storm drainage pipe west of North Cranberry Boulevard from Traverse Avenue to Stockton Avenue as part of the Grid 205A drainage rehabilitation project.  After replacement of all pipes in grid 205A the next phase will involve the rehabilitation of all swales.


  • The City received 464 customer service calls last week and processed 22 new customers.
  • Staff read 6,180 meters, verified 65 water reads, installed 8 new meters, set 1 meter in the lien/financed area, turned on 7 seasonal water services and 6 new customer water services last week.
  • Over the past 27 years, members of AWWA and WEF have established The Utility Management Conference as one of the leading, most informative, and most prestigious management conferences available. This week, Utilities Business Manager, Jennifer Desrosiers represented the City at the conference by giving a presentation on Managing Utility Growth: A Financial Perspective.
  • Staff gave a tour of the Utilities including Field, Administration, WTP, and WTTP to Commissioner McDowell.
  • Staff participated in the City Relay for Life Committee Meeting. Utilities hosted a Chili Cook-off and Bake Sale with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.
  • Staff met with the Public Utility Advisory Board to discuss reclaimed water public outreach, community events, current projects, water festival, and the reclaimed water ordinance.
  • Staff interviewed Engineering Managers for the vacant position.
  • Staff attended Focus on Change.
  • Staff met with Stantec to review Spring Haven Reclaim Line.
  • Staff participated in the Public Meeting for as Bid Opening for RFB No. 2017-29 Lift Station Rehabilitation Project 2017 Phase I.
  • Staff met to discuss the Lift Station SCADA.
  • Staff met with Fleet to start the FY18 Vehicle Budget.
  • Staff participated in the RO/TDS RFI Draft meeting.
  • Staff reviewed the WWP Permit Renewal RLI Ranking.
  • Staff met with City Manager for a one on one meeting.
  • Staff attended the FY2018 Cooperative Funding Meeting.
  • Staff worked with Cardno on the North Port ASR Influent Design.
  • Staff continued working with Neptune on the meter reading side to update the system.
  • Staff assisted Public Works with storage for the new recycle cans.
  • WTP Rain Update: The City received 0.01 inches of rain last week; this is a little above average as the amount of rainfall for this time of year is 0.00 inches. The City received the rain on Monday, January 30th.
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